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Frantoio 3M s.r.l.

3m srl has a long family tradition that goes on from generation to generation.

Manganiello family has been in the oil sector since four decades; they produce Extra Virgin Olive carefully selected from all the best olive present on the Irpinia lands. In a very short time olives pass from the harvest to the mill, where they are worked with traditional granite millstone, thanks to the excellent experience of who know hot to get a very good product.


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    Frantoio 3M s.r.l.

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    Frantoio 3M s.r.l.


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    Frantoio 3M s.r.l.

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    Phase one: Harvest

    The 3m oil, with a particular taste and special aroma, is made from olives picked up by hand from the tree directly, so their original characteristics and nutritional values present into the fruit are invariated.

    Frantoio 3M

    Phase two: Milling

    The millstone is the traditional tool used. It comes from the old grindstone: The processing consists of rotating one or more large round stone (generally made in granite) on the production cycle. The leakage is not produced from the crushing, but from the rubbing action of stone fragments on the pulp of olives. Therefore, the stone wheel function is to crush the stones in small pieces suitable for stirring the production cycle. The processing is done with the millstone through a slow rotation ( 12-15 rpm for a total time ranged from 20 to 40 minutes). The amount of olives produced in a cycle of 2.5-3 tons, so that it is possible to have enough quantity of dough to make the load of a hydraulic press during the extraction.


    Phase three: Kneading

    The mixing or kneading follows the crushing operation and its aim is to break the emulsion between oil and water and bring together the oil miscelles in large drops that spontaneously tend to separate from the water. It takes place in kneading machines. The kneading machine is a steel tank in which helical blades rotate at a speed of 20-30 turns (revolutions) per minute, keeping with a slow mixing the oil dough (flotation). The mixing action breaks the emulsion upgrade the oil must into the next phase of oil extraction. The mixing has an average of 20-30 minutes and no more than 60 minutes. This phase is very important because it determinates the appropriate balance between the oil in quantitative yield and the quality: the heating increase the effectiveness of kneading, allowing the increase of oil yield, however, it affect on the oil quality negatively. For high quality oils, the kneading has to be cold or quite warm oil dough until to a temperature of 27-28°C.


    Phase four: Pressing

    This is a classic method, which separate the juice from the pomace oil through a filtering effect of pressure. The pressure takes place in an open hydraulic press, by placing the oil dough on thin layers with filtering diaphragm in a roundups tower. The device used for the construction of the stack consists of a circular steel plate. At the center of the plate there is a hollow cylinder (called foratina) in order to keep the stack vertically and facilitate the oil must flow, along the central axis of the pile. The full operation is done using proper batchers. At this point the tower is put into the press and it is subjected to a medium pressure of 400 atm. As a result of the pressure the oil must have to be separated from the solid fraction and the drainage system, flowing along the outside and the foratina, so it is collected on the plate. After the extraction the pile and the residues are removed from the opening, thanks to special machine.


    Phase five: Separation

    The separation takes place through a centrifugal separation which separate the oil from the water under a high speed rotation. It consists of a cylindrical container, having rotating drum and a set of drilled and stacked conical discs. The oil must is put into the drum and it is subjected to a centrifugation of 6700-6800 rpm. During the rotation there is an accumulation of solid residues (sludge) that are expelled through an automated security system.


    Phase six: Conservation

    Once left the centrifugal separator, the oil is a product ready to be consumed. It has got some solid residues and it is muddy. In the state of rest solid residues go down to the bottom of the container and the oil became limpid spontaneously. The just separated oil is preserved in steel pots. In this way the oil is in a nitrogen atmosphere, important for preventing from the oxidation and for using the spontaneous sedimentation of sludge. The oil used for sale is submitted at the filtration through Bari type filters or press filters before be packed.

    Olive oil

    Phase seven: Olive oil

    The oil is a typical element of the mediterranean cuisine that has always characterised our cooking. It gives a good taste to the food and has very important nutritional elements, especially if you eat it raw. That is true when we talk about a good quality oil. An oil of good quality comes from good lands, healthy trees, appropriated harvesting methods, which do not damage the fruit. A good transormation system is required too. A transformation that do not change organolepthic characteristics and pay attention to the oil conservation and the bottling. "3M s.r.l." has a long experience with the transformation sector, it carefully follows all the productive process, in order to produce an excellent product and guarantee a good quality to the customers. In our territory olive tree has a millenary tradition, in such a way that it si part of our history, our culture, our local traditions Olive tree is often placed on the uncomfortable and marginal lands. It has a double functions that is: to protect the environment and to be very important for the productive and economic sector of our country. We use old and good system that, provided with new special installations, guarantee the best quality. The transformation system is one of distinctive feature tha allows a better oil quality. We have always used the traditional method called "for pressure", thanks to it we can have an oil rich of high polyphenol content, unvaried during the time. During the pressing phase olive pulps are split with the mullers. Mullers work in a slowly and regularly way without causing any particular temperature growth of dough and so good because there are no increase temperature and no taste changement. Our process is perfect because you have a good balance between the sweet and the bitter, with a natural colour, palatable and tasty. Our oil is produced by different olive varieties coming from our lands. Of course they are the best ones!


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    New graphics and possibility to order our olive oil.

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